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Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of terms and conditions
    1. The website, (further referred to as “the website”), is made available by LAPA Publishers a division of Penguin Random House South Africa (Pty) Ltd (hereafter “LAPA”). Paper Frog Publishing (“Paper Frog”), a self-publication services provider, is a subdivision of LAPA.
    2. The terms and conditions that are listed below, as well as any addendums and attachments included (“terms and conditions”) are applicable to any person (“the user”) visiting the website or referring to the website.
    3. The user acknowledges that visits to the website and use of its features and content, including information about products and services, are regulated by the terms and conditions in this document. Any information on the website is the intellectual property of Paper Frog, its affiliates, secondary companies, overhead companies, partners, third party suppliers and/or any other party concerned.
  2. LAPA’s details
    1. The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 states that any product and/or service provider selling products or offering services must provide certain information and details about itself on a website to its clients.
    2. LAPA’s details is as follows:
      1. Full name and status: LAPA Publishers a division of Penguin Random House South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a private company with the registration number: 1953/000441/07. LAPA is a publishing house that mostly publishes Afrikaans books. LAPA is also a bookseller and book distributor.
      2. LAPA is a registered member of SABA (South African Booksellers Association) and PASA (Publishers Association of South Africa).
      3. The physical address and address for signing documents is: 380 Bosman street, Pretoria, Gauteng
      4. The physical address and address for signing documents is: 380 Bosman street, Pretoria, Gauteng
      5. Telephone number: 012 401 0700
      6. Website: and
      7. Email address:
  3. The transaction between you and Paper Frog
    1. The duties of the user
      1. As user, you agree that you are above 18 years of age and that you can buy products or pay for services.
      2. You agree to the obligation of providing Paper Frog with accurate and correct personal information. Furthermore, you acknowledge that you will notify Paper Frog of any changes in your personal information, specifically your contact details and delivery address.
      3. You agree that you will only use the website for the purpose it was created and for which it is currently being used. You agree that you will not compromise the integrity of the website or any information or products that are featured on it.
      4. You accept the condition that Paper Frog can take legal action to prevent fraud, including the deactivation of any links.
    2. Estimation function on Paper Frog’s website and acceptance of formal quotes
      1. The estimation function is not the final quotation to service delivery. Final quote/s will be issued on request and in consultation with the consumer.
      2. No transactions are finalised on the website.
      3. A quote must be accepted in writing. A 50% deposit payment is required before any services will be provided.
      4. Full payment of any outstanding balances is required before any printing of books will commence.
    3. Cancelation of order
      1. Before the completion of the full transaction, you may cancel the transaction at any point.
      2. Once the deposit has been paid to Paper Frog, the transaction is final, and the purchase cannot be cancelled.
      3. If you should wish to cancel the transaction, you must do so in writing via email to within 24 hours of the deposit being paid, but before service delivery commences. In that case, the transaction will be canceled at no cost to you, and the amount already paid will be refunded to you.
      4. You are also entitled to cancel the transaction, without reason, within seven (7) days of the deposit being paid. In this case, you must write an email to within the aforementioned period in order to cancel the transaction. The costs of services already provided will be recovered and the difference will be refunded to you.
      5. Paper Frog reserves the right to cancel a transaction in whole or in part at any time where corrupt activity is suspected; or at any time where the full amount is not paid.
      6. Paper Frog only accepts responsibility for remuneration if the full amount was received. Paper Frog accepts no responsibility for any transaction that is not completed for whatever reason.
    4. Costs and tax
      1. The quote price is final and is clearly indicated.
      2. 15% VAT is levied on all items purchased in South Africa. VAT is not charged if the billing address is outside the borders of South Afric.
      3. Import duties may be payable by certain recipients of goods abroad. Paper Frog takes no responsibility for the various import duties that may apply. Such costs are the responsibility of the client
    5. Courier costs and delivery
      1. All orders are delivered free of charge by courier services. However, the above free delivery is only valid for delivery addresses within the borders of South Africa.
      2. Delivery outside the borders of South Africa will be quoted separately.
      3. Paper Frog assumes no responsibility or liability for any product which has not been received or was delivered late due to inaccurate contact information or delivery address. It is always your responsibility to provide the correct contact details and delivery address.
    6. Payment
      1. Payment details will be reflected on the Quote or Invoice. Use the relevant Invoice number as reference when making payments.Proof of payment can be sent via email to the relevant Paper Frog agent listed on the Invoice
      2. No products can be bought on loan.
    7. Record of sales
      1. A complete record of your purchase from Paper Frog will be stored for a period of 12 months.
  4. Returns and cash back policy
    1. General
      1. You are entitled to return any printed product that is delivered by Paper Frog if:
        1. the wrong product is delivered to you;
        2. the product that you received is defective (broken) or is not in an acceptable condition.
      2. For both these conditions, you are entitled to be refunded for the full amount of your purchase.
      3. If the wrong product is delivered to you, it should be returned to Paper Frog within 7 working days from the day of receival. If the product is returned within this time frame, Paper Frog will be responsible for payment of returns.
      4. Returns based on a defective product can be returned within 7 working days of receival. Paper Frog will be responsible for payment of returns within this time.
        1. In the case of defective products, Paper Frog will be responsible for consulting with you:
          1. to fully refund the amount at which the product was purchased; or
          2. replace the product.
        2. Due to the nature of printed books as products, printed books are unlikely to be defective. Ordinary use of published books as products should not give rise to any defect.
      5. Please note that Paper Frog reserves the right to inspect the returned product to determine whether it is indeed defective or in an unacceptable condition. Should the product not be defective you will still be liable for the full transaction costs as well as any additional courier costs.
      6. If you are entitled to a refund due to one of the reasons mentioned above, the amount due will be credited to your bank account. Proof of bank details on your bank's letterhead is required for such repayment.
      7. Please note that refunds may take up to seven (7) working days to process.
    2. If you wish to return any product to Paper Frog as per the terms and conditions, you must notify Paper Frog by sending an email to or by calling 012 401 0700/3. Paper Frog will subsequently provide you with a return reference number. The returned product must be sent to Paper Frog at 380 Bosman Street, Pretoria, 0001. You must ensure that the returned product is packaged according to the correct courier guidelines:
      1. The product must be protected by the correct packaging material;
      2. Where possible, the product should still be in its original packaging; and
      3. The reference number for the return must be clearly visible on the parcel.
  5. Intellectual goods
    1. This Website is owned and operated by LAPA Publishers and the information and materials appearing on the Website ("the Content") are displayed for personal, non-commercial use only. All software used on this site and all content included on this site (including without limitation website design, text, graphics, audio and video and its selection and arrangement) are the property of LAPA or its suppliers and are protected by international copyright laws.
    2. Except for limited and reasonable private use, as provided in Copyright Act 98 of 1978, no material may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, posted, posted, transmitted, stored, sold or distributed without LAPA's written consent. Requests to publish any of the content should be emailed to
    3. Trademarks appearing on the Website belong to LAPA, or are licensed to LAPA. Trademarks may not be used without permission.
  6. Disclaimer
    1. Neither Paper Frog nor any of its agents or representatives shall be held liable for any damage, loss or liability of any kind arising out of the inability to use this website. Paper Frog cannot at any time guarantee that this website is free of errors and that the service will operate 100% correctly without any interruptions or error messages. If you find any error on the website, please contact Paper Frog at the following email address:
    2. Information, ideas and opinions on this website should not be viewed as professional advice or the official opinion of LAPA or Paper Frog.
    3. Further, LAPA will be indemnified from any claims arising from the use of any website, link, or any other relevant platforms, including third-party links and platforms accessible from this website.
  7. Privacy
    1. It is the intention of Paper Frog to perform, and comply with, all personal information protection obligations.
    2. As user, you undertake to provide the correct information and details to Paper Frog, and to notify Paper Frog in due time of any changes to your personal information.
    3. Paper Frog may obtain, use and store your personal information during your use of the website and the services available on it.
    4. Paper Frog will take all possible steps to protect your personal information. For the purpose of this clause, “personal information” is defined according to the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 and the Personal Information Protection Act 4 of 2013. These laws may be downloaded at
    5. Paper Frog Publishers may collect, store and use the following personal information electronically:
      • name and surname;
      • date of birth;
      • gender;
      • country where you live;
      • nearest city;
      • non-persona; search habits and click patterns;
      • email address;
      • cell-phone number (if provided by you)
      • IP address; and
      • ID number/passport number.
    6. Paper Frog Publishers may use this information for the following purposes:
      1. to recognise you when you access the site;
      2. subject to your consent thereto, to inform you about issues relating to the access and use of Paper Frog's website;
      3. subject to your permission thereto, to send you special offers and notifications of competitions from Paper Frog and/or its partners;
      4. to compile non-personalised statistics on search habits, click patterns, and website access;
      5. to verify your identity when performing transactions on Paper Frog's website; and
      6. to ensure that the goods are received by the consignee.
    7. The above information is either collected electronically through the use of cookies or is offered voluntarily by you. You can set the use of cookies manually through the settings on your own internet browser. You can also run the option of not receiving any communication from Paper Frog and its partners.
    8. Paper Frog Publishers may collect, store, compile, control, and share information about you, subject to the conditions that Paper Frog will not disclose your personal information unless:
      1. you agree to it; or
      2. Paper Frog is obliged by legal processes or rules to do so.
    9. You are entitled at any time to withdraw your consent for the use and storage of your personal information or object to the use and storage of your personal information.
    10. Paper Frog may compile, use and share any information that does not relate to a particular consumer.
    11. Paper Frog owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistics collected and compiled by Paper Frog.
    12. You are entitled at any time, after proper proof of identification to Paper Frog has been provided, to request Paper Frog to confirm free of charge that Paper Frog holds personal information of you and to request a record of the information held. The request for a record must be delivered within a reasonable time, at a prescribed fee (if any), in a format and form that is understandable.
    13. After obtaining the information as mentioned, you are entitled to request Paper Frog to correct or remove any information stored by Paper Frog that is incorrect, irrelevant, excessive, old, incomplete, misleading or unlawfully obtained.
    14. You are entitled to file a complaint with the Information Regulator regarding any interference with the protection of your personal information. You are also entitled to take civil action regarding the interference with the protection of your personal information.
  8. Applicable law, legislation and regulations
    1. General
      1. Paper Frog is subject to the following regulations and legislation:
        1. the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 relating to any products sold by Paper Frog; and
        2. the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 relating to Paper Frog's payment systems and security; and
        3. the Personal Information Protection Act 4 of 2013, relating to personal information obtained through the use of the website; and
        4. the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 relating to this website and any products sold by Paper Frog; and
        5. the Trademark Law 194 of 1993 relating to this website and any products sold by Paper Frog; and
        6. the Constitution 108 of 1996 in general.
    2. Jurisdiction
      1. This website is stored, controlled and operated from the Republic of South Africa and is therefore subject to South African law. South African Law will apply to any possible dispute, transaction, or interpretation of these terms and conditions.
      2. Parties further agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Court in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, regardless of where a dispute or transaction arises, or the where the website is stored.
    3. Possible disputes
      1. Any dispute arising from the use of this website should be handled as follows:
      2. You must inform Paper Frog within seven (7) days of the rise of the dispute by sending an email to or calling 012 401 0700/3.
      3. If you and Paper Frog and you cannot resolve this dispute directly and informally within 30 days after Paper Frog was notified of the dispute, then the dispute will be referred to arbitration, which will be handled by an independent arbitrator approved by both you and Paper Frog. If you and Paper Frog cannot reach an agreement on the arbitrator, then arbitration will be referred to the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa (AFSA). The outcome of the arbitration will be considered final and binding.
      4. You and Paper Frog may agree in writing to refer any dispute to a mediator prior to any arbitration. Mediation will be handled by a representative of De Kock Attorneys Incorporated, and any proposals made by the mediator will be deemed binding and final.
    4. Amendments
      1. Paper Frog reserves the right to, from time to time, without notice, modify the content of this website, including information, products and pricing, as well as the content of these terms and conditions.
      2. Further, the parties agree that email communication is sufficient to comply with the legal requirement to be “in writing”. This agreement is applicable where written notices of changes from you must be provided under these terms and conditions, provided that the integrity of your email address is not suspicious and is not automatically blocked by Paper Frog’s service providers
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